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Calculate the ovulation day

The day of ovulation to conceive is ideal time. The right day of determine to ovulation ,is menstruation starts not from the date of the last two days. Should be calculated by counting backwards. Women people actually starts 21st day of ovulation on the first day of the menstrual cycle function, it would make the calculation and, of course, wrong in 1200 in time for 21 to become pregnant (day of ovulation) What is? "egg day" account, do? One account, the expected date of ovulation on the correct date is 14 days behind that of women who want the baby to a regular schedule in the form of one calendar required markings.

Another important implication of the finding of the day of ovulation during this period and this period of sexual intercourse and, of course,which develops within 12-24 hours .. Therefore, starting one day before the expected date of ovulation increased the chances of pregnancy sexual intercourse.

What other methods have to understand the day of ovulation nude?

The most commonly used method for determining the day of ovulation the body temperature by half a degree ofcourse. Body temperature increase on the day of ovulation can be monitered and, where day after positive urine LH ovulation test and that is understandable. Body temperature taken every morning with the degree of body continuously recorded in a calendar.
Do you understand what symptoms the day of ovulation itself to nude woman?

Despite all these findings,women in subjective "day of ovulation," Can you tell us a little about this. Also sold in pharmacies and ovulation tests and also occur,ovulation takes place and can be determined. Thank you for reading,and good luck ;)